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Enterprise B2B UX Collateral

Stakeholder Research, IA Work, and Wireframe Design

I assisted with the UX work for a comprehensive redesign of an enterprise B2B website and forum. The client asked early on for specific wireframes. We helped the client refine and adjust their requests with a content inventory and robust sitemap to ensure a suitable variety of wireframes and templates were delivered.

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User Research for a Healthcare Extranet

Healthcare UX, User Research, and Functional Requirements

I facilitated user and stakeholder interviews, conducted ethnographic observation of users, performed a heuristic review, and drove functional requirements gathering and development to define the scope and roadmap of an agency client's important healthcare extranet.

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Improving UX With an Eye for Mobile

As part of improving the site's mobile web presence, I was tasked with updating the legacy desktop pages and designing a responsive solution Work began with an audit of the existing checkout process and lead to full UI comps, proposed workflow improvements, and a important virtual currency overhaul.

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Improving Navigability and Content Strategy

With nearly fifteen years of history and millions of members,'s information architecture had become unwieldy. A sitemap for either the desktop or mobile sites didn't even exist. I audited both sites, then made a proposal to clarify the site's content verticals and increase navigability. This was to be accomplished by improving navigation menus, adding a search feature, and designing breadcrumbs.

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Smoon Web App UX

Proto-Personas, Project Strategy, Experience Design

A radical, standalone rebrand of a web app. I was responsible for proto-persona development, project discovery and feature set ideation, project phase roadmap, and the full scope of the subscriber experience (workflow to wireframe). After the Beta launch, I was brought back into the project to provide some visual and UI design tweaks.

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